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Southern Concrete Products

Southern Concrete Products began in Lexington, TN in 1943 under the name E.L. Thomas Concrete. Since then, Southern Concrete has expanded its organization in order to serve all of West Tennessee, Western Kentucky, and North Mississippi with Ready Mix Concrete as well as a select offering of precast products. Southern Concrete also has a mobile concrete division that allows us to service customers across the United States on any project with any requirements.

Our Products & Services

Southern Concrete offers a variety of products with our main focus on ready mix concrete and precast products

Precast Stone Fencing

Precast Stone Fencing and Wood Rail Fencing

Mobile Operations

Southern Concrete Product’s mobile operation began in 1990 when Mckinnon Bridge contracted Mr. Richard Odle to provide ready mixed concrete for the Jimmy Mann Evans memorial bridge on interstate 40 over the Tennessee River. Mr. Richard had established the blueprint for years to come by being committed to doing whatever it takes to provide our customers with a quality product and service.


When you request ready mix concrete from Southern Concrete Products, we’ll always deliver it using our reliable, licensed trucks and equipment. Call us for a FREE estimate on our concrete services.

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Southern Concrete has seventeen locations strategically placed throughout West Tennessee and Western Kentucky. Southern Concrete’s batch plants are operated with the latest computer-operated batching systems in order to provide a product we are proud of and stand behind. At Southern Concrete we strive to be on the leading edge of technology ensuring that our customers receive the best product available within spec and on time. Concrete mixers are fully equipped with GPS and Smarthatch systems allowing us to always know how the product is performing until it reaches its destination.

Stanton TN

2925 TN-222
Stanton, TN 38069

(731) 422-3358


163 Volz Rd.
Ripley, TN 38063

(731) 422-3358


305 Aztec Drive
Gallaway, TN 38036

(731) 422-3358


598 E. Liberty St.
Covington, TN 38019

(731) 422-3358


2940 Frayser Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38172

(731) 422-3358


390 Pierce Road
Oakland, TN 38060

(731) 422-3358


380 Pierce Road
Oakland, TN 38060

(901) 466-3030


266 East Church St.
Lexington, TN 38351

(731) 968-2537


112 Barham Road
Union City, TN 38261

(731) 885-7060


535 Russell St.
Paris, TN 38242

(731) 642-6672


745 Hwy 45 South
Henderson, TN 38040
(731) 422-3358


18260 Hwy 125 South
Bolivar, TN 38008
(731) 422-3358

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